The Reckoning


The Reckoning is a British television drama mini-series, based on the life of the British media personality Jimmy Savile, portrayed by Steve Coogan. It covers Savile’s career from the early 1960s to his death in 2011, and the sexual abuse that he committed without being prosecuted during his lifetime.

There was clearly a lot of opposition to the production being filmed. There was understandably concern that it would not be unbiased.

When we were initially asked to provide the vehicles for it we were actually not briefed as to who it related to and because of the concerns about paparazzi intrusion and possible demonstrations, we were often not given the locations to be used until the evening before each filming day.

Many of the vehicles we used and the drivers, had been used by us before but when we spoke to other owners there was a 50/50 chance of being refused, generally politely.

The series definitely caused controversy during its production and up to being first broadcast on BBC One in October 2023. However, from our perspective it was an extremely interesting, if demanding commission. The Designer and Art Director were very supportive and created a team spirit. That was certainly tested when there was an extremely heavy overnight fall of snow with drifts blocking access to the unit where one of only two vehicles to be used that day was stored…..the Mercedes camper.

Frank doesn’t like to fail and unbelievably managed to ram, skid and weave his way out of the moorland hills and along the miles of rural roads. He was an hour plus late on set which in the circumstances was amazing.

Meanwhile, Andrew and Stephen propelled a valuable Rolls Royce Phantom from the Wirral to arrive on time.

Amazingly, they still work for me.