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About Vehicles on Screen – Premier Picture Car Providers

Welcome to Vehicles on Screen, your premier picture car provider serving the film, television, and advertising industries. We are dedicated to supplying an eclectic array of period vehicles for your creative needs. Our journey in this industry began with our passion for classic cars, which eventually, in 1997, led us to the heart of the action car department at Granada Television in Manchester.

Our Story and Values

Through invaluable advice and ethical guidance from industry experts, we learned the intricacies of how this industry operates. Our commitment to treating our vehicle providers and staff with respect and fairness has been the cornerstone of our business’s development and success.

A Diverse and Exciting Collection

Our inventory comprises not only our own classic vehicles but also those of our dedicated drivers and fellow members. This collaboration has given us a diverse and exciting collection of period vehicles. We take pride in being supported by qualified and experienced mechanics, who, like us, are classic car owners and enthusiasts. We are always eager to connect with other vehicle owners who share our passion and may wish to be part of our expanding database.

Join Our Database

If you’re a vehicle owner, we invite you to add your vehicle to our database. The process is entirely free, and your vehicle’s details will be securely stored with us, never shared with anyone else.

Visit Us by Appointment

For designers and buyers looking for the perfect period vehicle for their projects, we welcome you to visit us at our premises near Buxton. To ensure a seamless experience, please contact us in advance to arrange your visit and discuss your specific needs.

Our commitment to providing the best period vehicles for your creative endeavours is what sets us apart. We’re here to make your vision come to life on the big screen.

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For enquiries and to schedule a visit, please refer to the contact details provided on the ‘Contact Us’ section below and our dedicated ‘Contacts’ page.

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