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Based in the North West of England, we are an established and experienced provider of period vehicles to film, television, and advertising productions.
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Vehicles on Screen

Welcome to Vehicles on Screen, your trusted source for picture cars serving the film, television, and advertising industries.

At Vehicles on Screen, we take pride in our passion for cinematic vehicles. From the ordinary to the unusual we provide a diverse range of vehicles for your filming needs.

Whether you are a production company seeking the perfect vehicle or a car owner interested in collaborating, we are here to bring your cinematic visions to life. Learn more about our commitment to excellence and our journey in the world of film production on our ‘About Us‘ page.”

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When you are planning a period production in the north you might wish to consider using the services of Vehicles on Screen
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Any period vehicle can be required for filming from the mundane to the exotic, and the immaculate to the downright dilapidated.
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Here we feature a variety of vehicles which have recently been used or are available for use for filming.

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