MIDAS MAN is a biopic about Brian Epstein, the music entrepreneur best known for managing the Beatles from 1962 until his death in 1967.

Brian was born into a family of successful retailers in Liverpool, who put him in charge of their music shop, where he displayed a gift for talent-spotting. He first met the Beatles in 1961 at a lunchtime concert at Liverpool’s Cavern Club. Although he had no experience of artist management, Epstein put them under contract and insisted that they abandon their scruffy image in favour of a new clean-cut style. He also attempted to get the Beatles a recording contract, eventually securing a deal with EMI‘s Parlophone label.

Within months, the Beatles were international stars. Some of his other young discoveries had also prospered under his management. They included Gerry and the PacemakersBilly J. Kramer and the DakotasTommy QuicklyCilla Black and The Big Three.  In 1967, he sadly died at the age of 32.

In this production he is played by Jacob Fortune-Lloyd.