Welcome to Vehicles on Screen.  Picture car providers to the film, television, and advertising industries.

Any period vehicle can be required for filming from the mundane to the exotic, and the immaculate to the downright dilapidated.

So, whatever the make, whatever the age and whatever the condition of your vehicle it is worth contacting us, and then, if you wish, we will include it in our system.

*Established 1997

*We practise a policy of ethical treatment of staff and providers

*You can have the confidence that your car will be well looked after

*You can also be assured that your car will be appropriately insured on set and in transit, if relevant

*A capable member of our staff will be on set to ensure that all parties are happy with what is to take place

*Owners are welcome to accompany their car if they wish

*Prompt payment as agreed, will be made

Two owners ‘enjoying’ themselves on Das Boot some years ago.

So, please make contact if you are interested. We cannot guarantee a vehicle’s use but unless the information is on file it certainly won’t be.